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It is our goal to help students achieve their potential not only intellectually, but also artistically, athletically, and morally, so that they may lead responsible and fulfilling lives!


Students engage in a variety of indoor sports and athletic activities to keep the blood pumping and brain stimulated throughout the day!  All students are required to train in Martial Arts and participate in seasonal team sports,  and participate in tournaments/matches/games.

Learning to work together as a team and have healthy competition is an important lesson of life.  Students will learn to accept defeat and handle the pressure of what it takes to succeed.

Martial Arts








Sheet Music


Music time is a great way to stimulate the brain for better processing of new information.  Students receive a variety of musical training from: voice, instruments, and dance!

Visual Arts


Learning to express oneself in any form is important for emotional and mental health.  Students routinely engage in arts and crafts.  They learn to use different mediums to create art and develop their motor skills and artistic eye in the process.

Wet Paintbrushes
Performing Arts


Students participate and learn the different components of public speaking and performance.  Students learn the importance of humor and the positive effect it can have on someone.

Students will learn:

Musical Theatre

Public Speaking

Voice Lessons



Timeless Teachings in a Changing World

Students are guided to master required grade skills and surpass state standards, thereby staying ahead of the curve.

Each child has their own learning plan to ensure their weakest areas are addressed and their strongest skills are honed to continue advancement.  We believe in soaring with a child's natural curiosity and interest in any topic rather than keeping them boxed into one way of thinking in a pre-set curriculum.  Therefore, one student who has a love for creepy crawlies might study Entomology while another student that loves collecting rocks may study Geology. 


Curiosity, Education, and Natural Abilities should all align and contribute to a child's path for success!


 +  1 on 1 Tutoring                            +  French

 +  Educational Consulting              +  Computer Technology

 +  Character Development             +  Custom Electives
 +  Summer Camp                            +  After School Program   

             ** Year Round Child Care and Education**


An Alternative to Traditional Education | Homeschooling for the Working Parent


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