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iTranscend Youth Academy carefully considers all aspects of a child’s development: cognitive, physical, emotional, social, and ethical, with an emphasis on the elements of wellness!


Our bully-free and constructive learning environment empowers children to be the
best versions of themselves, thereby
increasing confidence, independence, and leadership skills! 

We believe a child's early years of learning are the most important in developing that child’s positive disposition towards learning and in life.  As IYA Life Coaches, we guide students in mastering skills, acquiring knowledge, and thinking critically, creatively, and independently. 

Our Philosophy

Children should be able to comfortably discover their weaknesses and strengths in life on their own in a
safe and secure learning environment. 

We provide a nurturing setting for children to creatively and critically explore a variety of subjects based on their individual interests! 

IYA provides modern and structured facilities for students to learn,
create,and explore!

Our Founder

                                     Mrs. V, has been a leading Child                                                               Entertainment Business Woman in Myrtle                                             Beach for many years. As a parent herself,                                             she saw the need for better educational                                                 opportunities.  She took the requests and                                             needs from local families of her current                                                 running programs to expand her services and provide this new opportunity to the community for better educational outlets for our youth! She has a unique gamified way of teaching that stimulates the brain and keeps students engaged.  Proven by Science it takes only 10-20  repetitions of learning through game play to form a new synapse compared to a traditional educational setting that takes an abundant 200 reps!

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